Aura Interactiva offers a suitable place to outsource eLearning services

Geographic Location

Aura Interactiva is based in Costa Rica, Central America, which is a strategic location since it is one of the oldest democracies and one of the most stable countries in the world. Just 4 hours away from the major North American cities.

Qualified Staff

With one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

eLearning Experience

A firm devoted exclusively to eLearning with over 1500 development hours.

Another advantage is that Costa Rica has been recognized as the quintessential ecotourism and adventure tourism destination; it is a country that has also invested in health and education; therefore, it lives up to the standards in developed countries in these areas. With a highly educated and bilingual population, the country meets the requirements to provide a suitable environment for close and world-class outsourcing.

If you do not need to outsource the entire development of your e-Learning solutions, Aura Interactiva allows you to outsource only some parts of the process: instructional design, graphic design, and programming, among others.